Wish List *updated*

It has been almost 6 months since the big move, covid has still made travel impossible so haven’t as of yet been back to see my kid and well the work side is still dead with travel restrictions.

Every little help still and is super appreciated as I restart from scratch. So here it is:

My amazon wish list can be found on https://cutt.ly/sands

Waitrose e-gift cards can be sent to my email, sexandtheswiss @ gmail.com *closest food shop*

Sainsbury’s is also near by, think they do ecards.

Cycling gear!


A garmin!

strava membership

I still also need a few items of furniture, not much though, almost there!

Or you can do a little extra http://buymeacoffee.com/Sexandtheswiss

British airway or Swiss vouchers to help with the flying back and forth to see my daughter.

And there is always paypal as well