Stalk, stalk, someone loves to stalk

But who?

I have never understood why I get so many stalkers. Wouldn’t it be a better use of time to actually talk to me? Argue with me? Kiss me? Fuck me against the wall? Ram a cock down my throat? But stalk? Why? What is the point? The goal is?

If you want to read every single word I write why not actually ring/email/text?

When I met people I have been 100% honest. I have not once made it a secret I was writing a book about my dating experiences. Yet each one wanted to outdo each other in the “biggest asshole competition”.

I know who is winning.

Almost daily the one was reading my blog. Yet he wouldn’t say a word to me. When I finally found him on social media and sent a nice text, he blocked me. I have no doubt he has still looked either here or Twitter or both. It’s desperately depressing someone behaves in such a manner.

Does anyone watch the news? Death is so rampant among us, old and young alike. Does no one seem to think perhaps that life is too short for games? That they should value the people who actually cared about them, just a little bit more. The typical “nothing will happen to me mentality” has to be less prevalent?

Every day the news is about how many people died. Yet so many think they will live forever.

Off on a bit of a tangent there. Though you see, that is the cool thing about being a writer, writing on your own website, you can quite literally say anything you want.

And that is why people either want me to publish the book. Or dread it. I will write the truth. The truth scares people. Here is where we circle back to the original topic. Obviously, someone with so much interest is someone who has a secret lurking.

It was such a long session too. But who is at the CHUV or in Pully? It would be better if they could just pop their nose from out behind their screen and say hello. I refer you kindly back to the first paragraph of this piece, with all the amazing better uses of time.

There is one thing I will mention before I wrap this up. I always figure out the mystery.

I was reading yesterday that people who solve mysteries could be reincarnated alchemists. Very interesting late night reading. I also have mercury in my eighth house which apparently shows a person who is interested in discovering the truth even in the darkest places.

Shame I don’t get put to bed and forbidden to use my phone after 10 anymore, isn’t? Having too much free time doesn’t seem to be good for me.

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