Here’s to life

Here’s to life and dreamers and their dreams.

funny how the time just flies

how love can go from warm hellos to sad to goodbyes

Such a poignant song. Life is so short, yet so many are wandering around thinking they have forever. They put off happiness for the future that may or may not come to pass. Crazy to think of all of the time wasted. How much time do you waste every day?

Life doesn’t give us a start and end date. Yes many of us will live until we’re old but not all of us. And the quality of life reduces as the years pass for the vast majority. How do I meet men over 40 who really feel there is no need for a relationship, as it’s something they are putting off till…. till when?

So much preoccupation with the future, a distant future at that. Why not live for today? Tomorrow? The actual present moment that is real and here right now? It’s a methodology of thinking that has been around for ages, yet is still seen as a fringe hippy, outlier belief system. Social media has made the issue worse and so many men are stuck in a peter pan like mentality. More authenticity is needed in the world. More present moment thinking and belief systems need to be improved before the world implodes. Moral bankruptcy is an epidemic. Hopeless romantics like myself are an endangered species.

So let’s raise a glass, to life, to love, to the present moment as it’s all we have.

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