Almost 2021

Everyone is saying they hope 2021 is going to be better than 2020. I’m not so sure, nothing special happens when the clock strikes midnight. No magic, nothing.

I, of course, remember that last year was the first New Years I actually celebrated and had a lovely meal out, cocktails and awesome sex. (it usually wasn’t so good with him so that was worth celebrating in itself) New years day though was back to the regularly scheduled programming. He ignored me, talked about some hag from squash he was disappointed wasn’t single. Of course, she was date-worthy as she has a PHD. He complained the whole day he was forced to go out the night before, forced to have fun. Never any comment about enjoying the sex or being the first man to fuck my ass. Then he spent the afternoon snoring during his nap.

He ignored I was crying about the other woman talk as usual. The new year didn’t change that. He was just negative all day. The kiss at midnight failed to be some magic potion to insert some form of empathy or compassion into his cold heart.

This is a great example of how the date changing doesn’t change people.

Same shit, different decade.

And people think by magic at the strike of midnight the virus will die? Life will change?

I think it will be more of the same. Sadly people have become more selfish and narcissistic and it’s very difficult to find the genuine souls who just want connection and to enjoy our time on this earth without some ulterior motive. 2020 should have taught people that no one is invincible and we are not aware just how much time we have? Or perhaps people have totally missed that message altogether.

So far on the dating apps the same “fun nothing more” mentality is still very much prevalent. No evidence yet of such a wake up call for the single men of the country.

Oh and for the people wondering isn’t dating easier in London vs Switzerland? So far absolutely not. I get matches, same. They do seem to all be very promiscuous which is something I’m not used to after dating in Switzerland where the life time shag counts are usually much lower. With the higher notch numbers comes this cockiness. Fuckboy mentality which is a very big turn off.

And when you do have a date planned do you think the men remember? Show up? Well if you thought yes then you thought wrong!

Top exusces incldue:

They fell asleep

A relative is suddenly sick (they can’t visit them in hospital either so why cancel?)

They weren’t sure I was interested so they didn’t turn up to the date we planned.

So all and all a waste of energy. Maybe the UK is too different after all these years. So far I feel very much the outsider. Not that I felt at home in Switzerland either so where exactly is home is the question? I would have said “home is where the people you love are” but that isn’t even a possibility so I have to reinvent the meaning altogether.

My current plan for 2021 is to FINALLY finish this book, which I suspect has become a mini series. Hard to take years of writing and edit it into something engaging for a wide audience. But alas that is the goal.

I may do a kickstarter to add some momentum and help with the costs. Let me know if you’d be interested.

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