Everyone is asking how I am and it’s just too much for a tweet so here goes.

I have battled with health issues since I was a teen, after the traumatic incident when I was thrown out and attacked the beginning of August then with all of the stress that followed my health has declined rapidly.

I have issues with my eyesight, balance, hell even typing is becoming an issue. I have to have a repeat MRI to see if the lesion in my brain is progressing. I have 2 more clinics to attend to see if they can figure out a plan. (there isn’t a cure, maybe it subsides but won’t “go away”)

Not sleeping, severe stress, no longer having proper meals all has taken its toll. And then there is the fact I’ve given up. I even had a psychiatrist say he can’t help me, there is just too much wrong with my life. I’m too far down the hole to get out of it alone. it’s just a fact and the “friend” I depended on?

Blocking someone is a horrible form of abuse. To not allow the other person to be heard, to not be able to reply to just take a knife and suddenly sever and destroy a relationship that has been ongoing for 4 years is severely traumatic. Especially when that is the only person you have to depend on.

Heath knew what he was doing. His actions calculated and when presented with the fact his actions were damaging his response? I don’t care.

Well sadly the girl who DID care got hurt in the process. And for what gain?

I heard for weeks how much he hated being on his phone, to text, to be on what’s app hence he couldn’t reply. He didn’t text anyone as much as he texted me. FYI he’s on there a LOT this week. Way more than ever before, so obviously it was all a lie, another lie to add to the list. Like 90% of the fights could have been solved had he been as responsive as he is now with whoever he is lying to attempt to entangle them in another fake encounter to add to his list.

The bruises are lingering, the leg is still painful and swollen. No remorse for his actions, it’s just “unfortunate” he said I got hurt when he pushed me and it was likely because he’s bigger than me. (His words)

What a sad conclusion after less than week ago he said I was the only person in the country that even cared about him.

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