How to make the perfect jerking off video

I have lost count on the amount of homemade porn I have had sent to me over the years. Iwas proposed the question yet again “How do I make a good video”.

So here is my response to that very good question. Because if guys are going to send videos of themselves they better be good ones, right?

  1. The set is important. Is the room you’re about to shoot in a mess? Clean it. Just like porn, you need a good set. One guy sent a video with this odd laundry basket next to his cock, My eyes were drawn to it. In the end it’s all I could see when I watched his video. Beds work well, usually there is just a wall behind and it is a fairly natural setting. If you’re sitting at your desk with a pile of junk, girls may be looking at the junk in the background vs your junk. (love that pun… it just came to me….)
  2. Keep the camera fairly still. I know it’s hard with a phone, I get it but if your dick is coming in and out of frame, what’s the point? It’s not hide and seek you know!
  3. Sound! Did you know girls LOVE to hear a guy is enjoying himself? Actually it’s often in the comments on good solo guy videos on you porn if the guy had sexy sounds.
  4. Length, of the video, not your dick of course 🙂 Not too long as to be boring but a few seconds isn’t enough to get anyone off. (shouldn’t guys know this?)
  5. If you’re uncut, sorry boys but girls don’t find foreskin sexy. Sorry. So if you can keep it retracted your dick is going to look sexier. How men send dick pictures with loose droopy foreskin hanging off is beyond me. Men watch porn, you know when a guy’s cock looks good, even if you pretend to “have never noticed there is cock” in the porn videos you watch.
  6. We want a show! Rub around the head. Pre-cum is always a winner too. Not too fast, let us look and drool. Use your finger like it’s our tongue. If there is a part of the head you like licked more we may just learn from your little video. Educational for the win!
  7. Men seem to have gotten addicted to this fast, vigorously jerking to cum type of wanking. First of all, this is not good for your sex life. Girls don’t like to be pounded like a jackhammer. You can’t get sucked off like that either. So guess what? For a video it’s also unappealing.
  8. Prep. Like in porn, if you need a good 20 mins of fast jerking to cum, then do 18 mins of that before your video. Do a few rounds of edging so you can do less effort to cum for the video. Because if you think the cum shot isn’t important, well it is.
  9. The cum shot. I understand guys like to not make a mess but this is a video to turn someone on. Make some fucking effort. And it’s ironic how many guys act like cum is so gross, ummm baby you want me to swallow that stuff!?!? So it’s gross? One guy said “what if it gets on my face!” ummmm the problem with that is what exactly? *things that make you go ummmmmmm* So no tissues, no cumming into the sink. Cumming onto your abs is one of the best options. Some like to shoot across the room if they are a long distance cummer but I think this is more showing off their useless talent vs sexy.
  10. A warning: Don’t just send these videos to random girls. Many women don’t want to watch them.Sending a video like this can end your chances with a girl. It’s odd when guys just out of the blue send some boring or awful jerking off video, even to me and I enjoy good ones. So ask first!  There are some of us that enjoy them, if you do them right. You know you can upload it to youporn or one of the other many video sites and get feedback if you’re unsure if it’s good.

I’m happy to rate your work boys….. send them over. But please follow the above steps.

Or you have questions, ask in the comments. Always willing to lend a hand 😉

2 Replies to “How to make the perfect jerking off video”

  1. I enjoyed this blog. Lot’s of good info.
    I found your comments regarding foreskin quite intersting, because I feel the same way about it. I was circumcised as an infant, so that’s all I’ve ever know, and basically my entire life. Being on twitter, I’ve been exposed to a lot more uncut cocks. I guess it’s similar to my feeling about pubic hair, but there’s nothing I find attractive about an uncut cock, regardless of whether it’s hard or especially soft. It just looks weird to me.

    Also, theRe’s nothing more frustating than watching a good wank video, and then the person never cums. This goes for men and women. And also the video length. It does me no good at all to watch a girls 5-15 second clip. It’s very frustrating, if I would have like to masturbate to it. I need a good couple of minutes, because I like to enjoy myself. No sense rushing. Sometimes, if it’s good enough, I just keep replaying it until I finally cum.
    I definitely agree on sound. There’ll be sometimes when there is absolutely no sound, which is a total shame. I love hearing a girl moan, or hearing how wet her pussy is. It really adds a lot to the video, especially when they cum.

    Maybe you should do a similar blog for women’s videos.

    1. I try to make sure mine are over a min I think the best one is 3 mins something and defo can hear how wet I am 🙂

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