Does being a writer scare men?

Maybe, sometimes but obviously not enough to deter a man from playing games and fucking me over.

Funny that isn’t it?

I mean maybe it shouldn’t bother them one way or another but it’s just a tad odd if they know I’m a writer and writing about my dating experiences to then give me crazy and or horrible material to write about.

or maybe

They are helping me by giving me more material???

It’s very kind of them to try to help me like that but I would prefer if they were just wonderful and I had no more crazy stories to write about.

So their efforts to “help” are misguided attempts and they really should reconsider their “helping” measures.

Or…. they all just wanna be part of the soap opera! Now that is another very plausable option.

I’m sure their families will commend them on their less than stellar behaviour.

Every mother likes to know their son is jerking off to instahoes and treating real girls like shit, right??? Is that so Claude?

But come on…

I mean the odds are that 1 guy has to be normal right? Like 1 in the whole fucking country??? Only one I am looking for….. ONE!

And with all the assholes I’ve met statistically speaking that one good one has to be somewhere on the horizon?

But every single time I think there is some slim possibility of a man being normal and decent…. no they fuck up.

Instahoes strike again, dishonesty, and pussies who can’t be fussed to meet up in person. Or there is always the…. “oh great you’ll fulfill all my sexual fantasies but now if you will excuse me I’m going to have a mental breakdown”

Maybe I need to be even more intimidating?

Is there a way to scare a guy enough so they don’t lie and be an asshole yet not so much they block me?

Is there such a balance?

I need ideas! Please comment if you think of something!

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