Although I sit here, covered in bruises, my head throbbing from the swelling and generally in pain you ask for an apology.

So I shall oblige.

I’m sorry I couldn’t turn the feelings off.

I’m sorry I forgave you a million times.

I’m sorry I believed you cared about me despite a million reasons why I shouldn’t have.

I’m sorry you became so important to me.

I’m sorry I kept fighting to keep the person I love in my life.

I’m sorry I always defended your actions.

I’m sorry I never got tired of talking to you.

I’m sorry I wasn’t stronger.

I’m sorry I valued your opinions so highly.

I’m sorry that in the end nothing I ever did was good enough.

I’m sorry I was never enough.

I’m sorry that I wanted photos together.

I’m sorry I wanted happy memories.

I’m sorry I wanted to be hugged.

I’m sorry that I can’t forget the bad stuff.

I’m sorry I wish you didn’t hate me.

I’m sorry I had so much hope.

I’m sorry I’m not perfect.

I’m sorry that I can’t ignore the cruel comments.

I’m sorry that the lies bother me so much.

I’m sorry I miss you.

I’m sorry I enjoyed spending time with you.

I’m sorry you became more to me than you wanted to be.

I’m sorry I believed in you more the rest of the world.

I’m sorry I had faith.

I’m sorry I wanted happiness.

I’m sorry I wanted that happiness with you.

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